Ash Krupnik, Holistic Health Coach

Ash Krupnik

Life & Wellness Coach

Specializing in Bariatric Patients to help them avoid post-op regain.

I work closely with members of the Bariatric Community whether they've had surgery recently or not, to help them develop healthy life habits in the areas of: wellness, nutrition and confidence. Developing effective healthful habits is the only way to move forward and avoid regain.

Dramatic weight loss, while exciting, brings with it a host of new lifestyle changes that not all patients feel equipped to take on. While surgeons and general practitioners set the guidelines and treatment plans, I work with the patients to help them develop new habits to support their doctor's plans. I offer a holistic (whole body) coaching service to patients to help them stay accountable and avoid that dreaded regain. 

By using a holistic approach to compliment your doctor and surgeons’s protocol, you are able to not only lose the weight, but effectively keep it off while achieving the healthier lifestyle you’ve been working toward. You can do it, I can help you!

All my clients value not only my expertise, but my personal touch, my holistic approach to wellness, and my enthusiasm to help them realize their health goals. 

Get in touch to set up a consultation, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to inquire whether my services are right for you.


I work with Teens to promote healthy life habits for their future.

If your child is struggling with depression, anxiety or other mental health issues, I am here to support you and work with you. Investing in your child’s health holistically at this stage provides them a perfect compliment to their therapy and set them up for sustainable health going into adulthood.

My programs are for teens who are currently in, or who have just completed therapy for treatment of depression, anxiety, OCD and other mental health issues. As a holistic health coach, we examine and help treat their issues from the inside out with healthy eating plans, goal setting, and exploring possible underlying causes.

When you treat these issues holistically, you’re not only alleviating the symptoms, you’re treating the entire body. I work in alignment with you, your child and their therapist’s recommendations to bring your child to full and complete health in mind and body.

I approach each and every client with the same care as though they were one of my own kids, taking the time to let them feel heard, and guiding them towards boosting their confidence, combating their mental health issues and making positive health choices.

I will be launching programs for teens soon, so be sure to check back or contact me so I can let you know when those launch!


What My Clients Are Saying...


Rachel C.

I struggle with anxiety, and the day I met with Ash I had felt rushed and stressed to the point I couldn’t relax just to converse at first. Without judgement, and with empathy, Ash got me to open up about my struggles without making it seem like the chaotic mess I often see it as, in my head.




777 Nameless Ave.
New York, NY 00000

(480) 454-5487

Cal C.

Ash…is absolutely wonderful! She has helped me with relationships, family and jobs. She is trust-worthy. I can go to her with anything!

Jane G.

Coaching in whatever form it takes, is meant to help you get breakthroughs. This is exactly what Ash stands for! If you’re serious about pushing yourself, I strongly encourage you to set up a consult with Ash!

Lesley M.

Ash is an energetic, upbeat, caring, inspirational woman on a mission!

Rachel K.

Ash helped me deal with my depression issues by recommending natural remedies that have really helped me regain confidence and feel better. I’m glad I went with the holistic route!



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