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About Me

Hi there! I am a Life & Wellness Coach based in Phoenix, AZ. My passion for seeing others grow into the best version of themselves has led me to this career I love so much. Here’s a little bit about how I grew to love and care for these two demographics that I serve:

My background includes working with the Bariatric Community as a “thought leader” in the importance of confidence through style and self-affirmation post-op. As a speaker at ObesityHelp2018, I was able to meet groups of incredible people who have gone through Bariatric Surgery. I was inspired to work with this group by my friend, Heidi who came to me with questions after her surgery that she couldn’t find answers to. Since then, I’ve made it one of my missions to reach out and love on this group.

I also worked with the City of Tempe’s Crisis Response Team for a number of years. In this line of work, I interacted with dozens of people suffering with untreated depression, anxiety and other mental health illnesses. I’ve found my experience working with the many kind of people I helped in their time of trauma, to be invaluable in helping me learn how to listen and ask the right questions.

As a teen, I myself suffered from undiagnosed depression and anxiety. It took me years into my adulthood to finally receive the help I needed. It has become my passion to help these adolescents during their very formative and vulnerable years, to form healthy coping mechanisms, learn how the foods they eat affect their moods, and learn valuable tools that will help them create the healthy life I know you desire for them. As a mother myself, I understand the feelings of fear, guilt and panic that come when your child is struggling. Allow me to be an ally for you and support your efforts to equip your child with tools for good health.

On a more personal note, I am a happily married wife of nearly 13 years to my amazing husband and a mother to 4 wonderful kids who only drive me crazy sometimes ;) I have two adorable fur babies, and my other great passions in life include: art, music and tacos.


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