Are you ready to join this community of other women who understand and embrace getting Soul Naked in order to take their business to the next level?

What the hell is Soul Naked?

Soul Naked is a movement among female entrepreneurs to live fully as themselves in business. It’s the idea that embracing who you are at your core (getting Soul Naked) is directly tied to the success of your mission. Started by powerhouse Business Coach Erin Call, this concept is in alignment with how I practice and I’ve become a part of this incredible community as a Holistic Health Coach for high performance Girl Boss.

The four pillars of getting Soul Naked:

1) Shadow Work- understanding and integrating all the parts of us. Living whole.

2) Radical Self-Love- Redefining what you value, taking radical responsibility and creating discipline that honors who you are and what you want! (Also how we speak to & see ourselves) This includes your health: mind, body and soul!

3) Harnessing Your Feminine Energy- Learning to shift your thoughts. The judgement and the force and control- getting into the energy of receiving (even in the most unexpected ways) and trusting your intuition!

4) Money Story- Re-framing the way you see and what you believe to be true for you about money and your ability to earn/receive.

These pillars are the foundation for the Soul Naked CEOs.