Ash Krupnik, Holistic Health Coach

Bariatric Patients

Helping you avoid the dreaded re-gain

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You’ve done an amazing thing, taking control of your health! Dramatic weight loss, no matter how you do it, is an incredible feat and so exciting! But it’s not a “one and done” thing. After surgery, or during your weight loss process, you’ll be encouraged to follow up with a nutritionist, support groups to keep you accountable, and someone to help you create healthier relationships with food. As a Life & Wellness Coach, I am here to actively support you in blazing a new path to health and wellness in mind and body.

I help you stick to your meal plans and provide accountability on your good days and the hard ones. I also work with you to reshape how to view food, how to deal with the stress in your life, and how to avoid regain. With a holistic approach, I am able to support your mind and body to nurture wellness and health from the inside out.

Are you ready to get healthy and STAY healthy? I am ready for you!